Why I went Vegan

When most people think vegan, they think hippie,  animal hugging, tree-hugging millennial. Even though I try not to associate myself with millennial, I guess by definition, I am a millennial. However, that's it! I'm not an animal lover, I'm not a nature lover, I'm not a quest to be in the in-crowd, I'm simply a woman who wants to live a long healthy life. And a long healthy life for me, does not include animal products. 

I think many of you know, but if you don't I lost my mom, aunt and grandmother within in 5 months of each other to diseases that plague the African American community. I personally believe it has to do with the food choices of African Americans. Think about, it' not just you that lactose intolerant!

Anyway, after that I experience I vowed to live my best, healthy life! That life includes, physical activity and refraining from animal products. 

I've been vegan since June 2017 and I don't see returning to animal products anytime soon. I went vegan right before the What the Health documentary on Netflix. I actually fell asleep during the documentary. However, before documentary I listened to Russel Simmons The Healthy Vegan: A Guide to living a long, healthy successful life audiobook. 

After that book and my own research, I decided not to fuel my body with injected meats with additional sodium and dairy with animal pus from potentially bacterial infected utters

Since going vegan, I can tell you I am not iron-deficient, or lacking protein. My skin is popping, I have a crap-ton of energy and my body is lean (well kinda). 

Although, I'm vegan for health reasons I've even switched to make-up products that don't test on animals. I'm still working on wearing leather though. 

Some may say I'm not vegan, I just eat a plan-based diet. Well, since it isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle, I still say I'm vegan. 

I'm a #ProudBlackVegan! 


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  • Khaleedah

    Thank you for sharing, Yes you are a Vegan! It’s a lifestyle and we know nothing in life is perfect. There will always be something for someone to criticize. Shake it off, keep moving and remember your why!! #proudvegan

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