What's more important: Working out or eating right?

It’s simple, you can’t out train a diet. It’s also tough to train, study, sleep or work with a bad diet! If we aren’t adequately fueling our bodies, how on earth are we supposed to function? Too often, we talk about “the itis”. “Oh, I ate and I got the itis”, this isn’t how food is supposed to make us feel. Eating should make us feel good. Food in the correct amounts should make us feel good. 


Think about it, 10 minutes on the treadmill burns roughly 100 calories. Two Oreos are 60 calories & a order of fries is usually 400. Think oh I’ll just go to the gym after this, and you’ll never get ahead! And your workouts won’t be as effective and you won’t get the results you desire. 


Here’s another example, we know that 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity reduces our risk of heard disease by at least 14% and we also know that increased fats leads to heat disease. So, are you really decreasing your risk if you’re participating in physical fitness and eating tons of fats? 


Long story short, clean up your diet. And while you’re at it, stop calling it a diet. Clean up your lifestyle, so we can all live long healthy lives. Keep going after your 21 cleans, challenge or jumpstart! Need/want some nutrition tips? Send me an email, mythsaboutcarbs@gmail.com. 


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  • Khaleedah

    I agree, food should make you feel good. Since increasing my food intake in the last two weeks it has done the opposite. I haven’t felt heavy or tired. it actually provided more energy and the fuel I need to get through the active lifestyle I created for myself. It’s all about eating the correct foods along with a balanced exercise life, and proper sleep. My schedule hasn’t changed but yet, I no longer feel tired!!! And I can eat tons of carbs and not feel guilty as society teaches us.

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