No time to workout? Mid-day, sticky note workouts to the rescue!

Working 40 hours a week, combined with a freelance job, my doctoral studies and an active social life makes it seems as if there just isn't enough time to workout. Add in intermittent fasting (I get from 8:30am to 8:30pm) and it seems simply impossible! If I workout in the morning, then I'm working out in a fasted state, which is good for cardio but not necessarily for strength training. If I workout in the evening, it simply may or may not happen and I'm at risk of not fueling my body post-workout. 


Insert a conversation with my nutrition coach, and output midday workouts and sticky notes! She suggested that I work out during my lunch break. This allows for me to properly fuel my body pre and post workout. This allows for me to study in the morning before work and to sleep or socialize after class or work in the evening! #ProblemSolved 

I'm officially 2 weeks into my midday workouts and I can't believe I never thought of it before. It's a nice break in the middle of my day for me to clear my head, release any stress and of course burn calories! Although, because it is during my lunch break, time is crucial! I have to complete workouts that are both effective and quick! 

I write my workout on a sticky note so that I can quickly and easily take them to the gym with me. This way I'm not sidetracked by looking at my phone. Of course, I  have my phone for music, but that's it.

I'm currently doing a 1-mile warm-up, followed by supersets and abs. Because, I'm quick on time, I've increased my weights so that I can only preform about 6 reps of each exercise in the superset. I try to do 3 supersets, and at least 4 ab exercises. So far so good! 

How do you all find time to workout in your busy days? How do you remember your workouts at the gym? 


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