My Favorite 6 Vegan Holiday Recipes

I'm all for not reinventing the wheel! So, I'm sharing a few of my favorite recipes and meal to eat during the holidays. 

  1. Vegan Sweet Potato Pie  (I buy an accidental vegan pie crust, and use the filling from this recipe) 
  2. Vegan Cornbread 
  3. Dressing: Use the vegan cornbread to make your favorite dressing, sub veggie stock for chicken stock and mushrooms for gizzards. I even use the Pepperidge Farms cornbread mix, it saves tons of time. 
  4. Black eye peas (cook them in veggie stock instead of using the hammock) 
  5. Mustard and turnip greens or collard greens (cook them in veggie stock and add liquid smoke it you want a little smoked flavor, I prefer them without liquid smoke) 
  6. Jerk Portobello Mushroom steaks -- massage your mushroom steaks with jerk seasonings 


I've simply given up on mac & cheese! As someone who used to love mac & cheese I refuse to settle for less. I've only had vegan mac & cheese twice and it wasn't terrible, it just didn't compare to what I was used to. 

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