I want abs, but I don't have time to workout!

As a doctoral student with a full-time job, a small business and an active social life I always feel crunched for time. However, I've wanted abs for sooooo long! On a weekdays I generally begin my day around 5:30am and end my day by 9pm. I have a minimum hour commute to work each direction and feel like I spend majority of my day in the car. So when does one squeeze in time for exercise and cooking? 

I’ve fallen in love with meal prepping simply because I can spend a couple of hours in a kitchen one day, cook for the week and not have to cook again. The only time I have to spend daily in the kitchen is preparing my protein smoothie, 5 minutes max and I’m still looking for ways to expedite it.That's step 1 to getting abs. Abs are made in the kitchen. 

So working out, I can’t possibly get up any earlier and working out at the end of the day is a plan for failure, because by then, I’m absolutely exhausted. 

I consulted with my macro nutrition coach, and she suggested I exercise on my lunch break. I tried it once and fell in love with it, it forced me to be efficient. No more slacking at the gym, I have to make the most of my time. I’m lucky enough to have a gym in my building so I don’t have to account for travel time. Step 2 to getting abs, exercise and not just crunches either. 

sitting on the floor, at the gym at work

Here’s my midday workout timeline: 

  • 10 minutes walking to the gym and getting changed 
  • 10 minute cardio warm-up 
  • 30 minute strength-training
  • 10 minute freshen up and shower 

I have shower wipes, spray on deodorant & hair supplies in my bag! 

I’m sticking working on get abs, but at least I’ve found time to put in the work for them. 

When are y’all working out? How much time are you spending? 


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