5 tips to remain vegan during the holidays

The holidays are approaching and besides being surrounded by family either the 2nd most annoying thing or the 2nd best thing is the food! We associate holidays with food, and not just food, really good food! I'll be sharing a few of my favorite vegan recipes later. 

I'm approaching my 2nd holiday season as a vegan, and the only vegan in my immediate family I may add. So what do I do, to stay on track and not feel like I'm missing out on anything? I've outlined 5 tips to assist you in remaining vegan during the holidays below. 

1. Always, always, always bring something! And not just something, something really good! Bring enough to share, even though people act like they're totally against vegan food, when they see it on your plate, or making their plate they'll want to taste just a bite. If you only make enough for you, you'll either be pissed that someone ate your food, or stand in between potentially having someone join you on the vegan train. 

2. Eat before you go! If you're less hungry you'll be less tempted by the foods around you. 

3. Remember your why! Or better yet, establish your why. Just saying your vegan won't be a strong enough reminder as to why you don't want your aunt's famous dressing. You'll have to remember why you're pursuing this journey, it'll pay off in the long run! 

4. Research accidental vegan foods! It may not be your favorite holiday food, but you may find something you usually don't eat, that happens to be accidentally vegan. You can totally enjoy it, while everyone else is STILL waiting on the turkey to get done. Bettermade chips for instance are accidentally vegan. 

Bettermade chips, proud black vegan

5. If you eat something non-vegan don't beat yourself up! We know the holidays are tough and peer-pressure (and Aunt Mae's Famous banana pudding is amazing) is real! If you break and eat something non-vegan it's okay! Don't beat yourself up about. Hopefully it won't make you sick. Get back on it the next day! You had a small taste to cure your craving. The next day, enjoy your favorite vegan meal again and act like your non-vegan meal didn't happen. 

Hopefully this helps! Let me know if it does or does not. #proudblackvegan

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